Hoi, ik ben Sarah en ik schrijf zelf verhalen. Meestal is dit fantasy in het Engels. Als jij nou ook van fantasy houdt, lees dan deze proloog en een stukje van het eerste hoofdstuk. Weet wel dat dit een eerste versie is.

Veel plezier 🙂


Long ago before we started counting the years, 6 objects were created by the high elves in the north of Emereth: the staff, the clock, the medallion, the bow, the dagger and the axe. Each of these objects was gifted to a family that has done a great deed of good. 

   The staff was gifted to a family of wizards who protected the west of möriëth for more than 5 centuries. This staff is made of the wood from the rare trees of the high elves. 

   The clock was gifted to a family of scribes who founded a solution for an illness that ruled the east of Addason. With this   clock you can stop time and travel to the future and the past.

   The medallion was gifted to a family of pirates Who protected  the coast of the three islands with their life and their crew. With the medallion you can, after a time of practice, control the four elements. 

   The bow was gifted to an ancient family of wood elves who once chased away the trolls from the east of Emereth. This bow never misses its target and can shoot enchanted arrows.

   The dagger was gifted to a family of dragon riders of the dragon valley who idk ik moet die nog ff bedenken. The dagger can kill, heal and it gives light if there are enemies near 

   The axe was gifted to a family of dwarves who killed the leader of the orcs in the great war of the west. The axe always leads the right way, gives light in the dark and when you 

throw it you teleport to the place you threw it to. 

But people wanted more, so the elves made one more object: the sword of death. 

The elves gave this object to the people, everyone wanted it but the sword had an indescribable power, the people became scared of it and hid it in the roots of the mountain Larthēs in the middle of the sleepy mountains. 

This story takes place years after these events. In a world far away from ours. It’s a beautiful place full of glory and love but the power of evil grows. The sleepy mountains are awakening, the number of orcs, trolls and goblins grows. The krakens are taking more and more ships into the depths. And the terrible creatures in the mines of Los Derma are coming to the surface. 


Today was a perfectly normal day just like all the other days. But still Today was a special day. Today I turned 15 years old. Now I was at the beach with my little sister. She was playing in the water, I sat on the ground with my feet buried in the cold sand. I looked around; seagulls flew, the wind blew a calm breeze with which the dune grass moved quietly. Nothing could be more calming than this. 

I inhaled the salty air and looked to the horizon. The sun was almost setting, maybe a few more minutes.

     I heard a loud scream and I snapped out of my thoughts and looked around ‘till I saw my sister, she sat on her butt in the water soaking wet. I rolled my eyes and stood up and knocked the sand of my knee-length dress, and I walked to my sister to help her stand up. 

“Here, take my hand.” I said. “We’re going home.”

She looked at me and took my hand “but I want to stay here.” she said

“You are soaking wet, you need to change clothes.”

“But I don’t want to go home!”

I watched her from head to foot, she was shaking and her lips were turning blue

“No, we are going home now.” I said “It’s probably very late right now.”

“alright then.” She looked at me in anger and we walked Away. 

I looked one more time at the horizon. 

The sun just set.

I saw a bright flash of light. 

“W-what, did you see that too?΅ I asked


“That flash.”

My little sister looked at me curiously “What are you talking about, Aerin?”

“I saw a bright flash at the horizon.” I said and I looked at the horizon, a ship had appeared there! Not just a ship, a pirate ship!

“Look at the horizon now!”

     “I don’t see anything!”

     “There.” I pointed to the ship “there. is. a. ship And its coming our way!”

My sister looked at me like I was crazy. 

Maybe I was.

     “Aerin there is no ship, just some clouds, nothing more.”

     “I swear there is a ship there!”

     “No, Aerin there is nothing.”

I took another look at the ship, it was coming closer and fast.

     “Oké, Elin, listen to me. Go home and get dad, and take him here. I will stay here and watch the ship.”



And so she leaves and I stay alone on the beach with a pirate ship coming my way.


I watched the ship coming closer and closer, when the ship was about four miles away a little boat descended from the ship. 

They were coming straight at me. 

Well shit.

I took a few steps back, as the boat came closer.

There were three pirates in the boat, I couldn’t see if they were boys or girls. 

I walked further backwards not losing eye contact with the boat, which was nearly here.

I didn’t know what to do, I just stood there. 

But when the three pirates stepped out of the boat, I didn’t think I needed to get away from here so I ran away as fast as I could, I heard the three pirates run behind me. Lucky for me I was quite fast. 

I took a quick look over my shoulder to see that there were two men and one woman, they were not far behind me. Suddenly I felt my foot hook behind something and I fell, face first. With a mouth full of sand, I stood up facing the three pirates. Shit

     “It looks like she may go with us now.” The girl said.

She had dark blond hair, a lot of freckles and prussian blue eyes. The boy on the right looked very much like her. Maybe they were siblings.

     “Never.” I growled and I raised my fist, “If you want me, fight me.” I immediately regret what I said.

the three laughed

     “As you wish.” The boy on the right said. “Finn?” He looked at the boy in the middle. He had shoulder length wavy dark brown hair and emerald green eyes that were kinda scary. He looked me right in the eyes and took a step forward. 

I raised my first a bit higher. The boy -Finn- took another step forward, grabbed my hand and turned around so my hand was on my back. I hissed in pain then I felt something sharp touching my neck. Amazing, he has a dagger

     “Do not struggle or I will cut your throat.” 

     “Finn, you’re going too far.” The girl said irritated.

     “Not now Kailani, this may be the only way she will get with us.” He said. “She is weak but strong of will.”      

I stayed silent.

“Walk.” The boy demanded.

“No.” I simply said.

“I said: walk.” He said, and I felt the dagger pressing harder to my throat. 

“Come on Aerin, you need to come with us.” The blonde boy said. “And you-” he pointed at Finn, “-calm down.”

The dagger loosend but it was still there. “Oké then, will you please walk?.”

I didn’t walk, instead I said: “You know my name?”

“Yes, everyone on the Northold  does, now come with us before anyone sees us.”

The Northold?!” I think my brain could explode. “What? How? When? I don’t understand. I’ve never been on sea in my whole life.”

“Come with us and you’ll find answers.” the blonde boy said.

“Just come with us Aerin.” Kailani said

I hesitated for a moment and then I walked. 

If this was the path my fate gave me I would walk it.

When we got to the boat, I stood there looking one more time at the dunes I always played on when I was little.

I thought of the village standing behind it, the village I grew up in, the village my family lived in, the village I’m never going to see ever again.

A tear rolled down my cheek. 

“No time for crying now, Aerin.” Finn said.

     “Shut up. This may be the last time I ever see this place.”

     “You can also look at it from the boat.” I gave him a side-eye. Then he just grabbed me under my armpits and sat me down on the boat. 

“W-what, do not ever touch me otherwise I will, I will.”

     “Yeah, you will do what?” 

     “Just don’t touch me without my permission.”